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It's not a one size fits all. Criystal looks at your blood data to guide your lifestyle choices 

Blood Data Redesigned with our Scores

How many times have you thought something was good for your body, when actually... it wasn't

Is that smoothie in the morning really good for you? Working out in the morning or evening?

Criystal offers you the possibility to start tracking the blood biomarkers that really correlate with your lifestyle. Now you can observe your body’s trends and learn how it reacts to changes.


Tired of reading nutrition magazines that contradict each other?

Browse lifestyle recommendations from the best sources.

See real data on how many people like the nutrition, wellness or fitness recommended change and what are the results.

How Does It Work?

Non-Invasive & Cost Effective Blood Data Collection


Personal Recommendations & Social Network

  1. 1

    Collect a Sample

    Find a Criystal hub and just walk-in, we will be close to your favorite wellness spots. Once you are there, open the app to tell us what data are you interested in and we will collect a quick non-invasive sample. One low cost finger prick.

  2. 2

    Get Your Personalized Results In The App

    Find your results expeditiously. Using your blood numbers, Criystal will compute a score for the areas that you want to improve (fitness, stress, brain clarity or metabolic weight). Additionally, receive tailored recommendations to help you reach your goals.

  3. 3

    Join The Community And Come back!

    We provide a feedback loop for you to know how your body reacts to specific changes and know how it evolves. Come back to keep learning!


The Science


CLIA accredited laboratory

We are partnering with CPA (clinical pathology accreditation) + CLIA approved laboratories where we will send and analyze all the samples collected.


Medical Team

Our team of Doctors and Nutritionists have identified the biomarkers that correlate with your goals to compute a score and the content for the interventions recommended based on clinical studies data.